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Economic Development

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1. What makes you special from other cities?
2. Why should I consider Norcross for my business?
3. What are future plans to keep the city in this same desirable condition?
4. I am a builder. How do I start a project?
5. If I'm building a new home or other type of development, where do I go to get my questions answered and my site plans approved?
6. OK ...I think I have all my paperwork in order and I am almost ready to open my business. Anything else I need to know?
7. Business owners have been talking about the Opportunity Zone (OZ). How can I find these areas when looking for a building with my real estate broker?
8. Even after reading everything about the OZ , I still don’t quite understand. Is there a more simple interpretation?
9. What is your city millage rate?
10. If I bring my company to your city, what kind of housing is available for my family and staff?
11. What amenities are there for my family?
12. I read there are 11 parks within your city. Why so many?
13. What if I have other economic questions?