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Where is the Norcross Police Department located?
The Norcross Police Department is located at 65 Lawrenceville Street, Norcross GA 30071.

Police Department

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1. How do I report a crime or suspicious activity?
2. Where do I pay a citation issued by a Norcross Police Officer?
3. Where is the Norcross Police Department located?
4. How can I obtain a criminal history check?
5. Can I report a complaint anonymously?
6. How can I compliment an officer/employee?
7. How do I file a complaint on an employee or officer of the Norcross Police Department?
8. My vehicle was impounded. How can I get it back?
9. How do I find out about a neighborhood watch program in my community?
10. What should I do if my property is lost or stolen?
11. How do I find out about crime in my neighborhood?
12. How can I expunge my criminal record?
13. Can I hire an off duty officer to work a special event that I am having?
14. Can an officer unlock my car if I have locked my keys inside?
15. I am interested in becoming a police officer, what are the requirements?
16. How can I obtain my property from the evidence/property?
17. Can I get fingerprints done at the Norcross Police Department?
18. Is it possible to get extra patrol while on vacation?
19. Does the police department check child restraint seats?
20. How do I file an Open Records Request?
21. How can I obtain a copy of a police report?
22. How can I obtain a copy of an accident report?