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What is your city millage rate?
The current millage rate is 5.749% and has recently been decreased. When comparing Norcross to another city’s millage rate, please consider our rate includes Police, Public Works, Code Enforcement, Court,
Community Development, Economic Development, and General Government services. We are a full-service city.

Economic Development

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1. What makes you special from other cities?
2. Why should I consider Norcross for my business?
3. What are future plans to keep the city in this same desirable condition?
4. I am a builder. How do I start a project?
5. If I'm building a new home or other type of development, where do I go to get my questions answered and my site plans approved?
6. OK ...I think I have all my paperwork in order and I am almost ready to open my business. Anything else I need to know?
7. Business owners have been talking about the Opportunity Zone (OZ). How can I find these areas when looking for a building with my real estate broker?
8. Even after reading everything about the OZ , I still don’t quite understand. Is there a more simple interpretation?
9. What is your city millage rate?
10. If I bring my company to your city, what kind of housing is available for my family and staff?
11. What amenities are there for my family?
12. I read there are 11 parks within your city. Why so many?
13. What if I have other economic questions?