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Starting or Relocating a Business to Norcross Licensing
With a diversified inventory of housing, large work pool, great schools (including colleges), fantastic restaurants, and an exciting cultural scene, there is no doubt we have just about everything to draw customers to your business. It all begins with your business license.

Required Paperwork
Please complete the Commercial Business License Application Package  or  Home Based Business License Application and submit it to the General Government Department along with all required other documents.

Approval should take three to five business days, provided all forms, fees, and applications are complete and in order.

Go to the General Government License page for additional information.

The application fee is paid upon picking up the application. When you return the application, an investigation fee is collected.
When the application is approved, an alcoholic beverage fee is required (if applicable).

Additional License Information
In order to obtain a business license, you must show proof that sanitation service has been arranged with the city and appropriate deposits have been paid for the proposed business.

View more information.