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Signage & Zoning
Both signs and sign rules are important to your business and our city. In 2010, the Local businessmayor and City Council revised the city’s sign ordinance to promote and maintain the aesthetic qualities of the city. This was greatly needed help. Relieving sign clutter has promoted conformity and neatness.

Signs are important tools for all businesses, but at the same time it is important the city be neat and clean for our business patrons. It is everyone's goal to have the customer return to Norcross and that they always speak highly of our city. Word of mouth is always one of the best advertising tools.

Getting a Sign for Your Business
First, you will need to determine the area of the city your business is located.

In August of 2008, the City of Norcross mayor and City Council adopted the Redevelopment Overlay District (RAOD). Some of the goals of the district are to:
  • Encourage efficient land use and redevelopment plans
  • Encourage the revitalization of underused areas
  • Provide guidelines for architectural design, landscaping, signage, and other criteria for the area’s enhancement

Check first to see if you are within this area. Some of the signage rules are different.

Lighted & Flashing Signs
The following advertising devices are prohibited:
  • Internally illuminated signs
  • Signs with neon, LED panels, day-glow, variable message boards, or signs with movement

Permitting Fees

Application for Signage