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Paid Leave
Statements of benefits in no way constitute a contract between the city of Norcross and its employees. Changes are given to current employees through normal channels, including postings to the employee only portion of this website.

Annual Leave
Annual vacation leave is accrued and granted to regular full-time employees. You begin earning time upon hire, but cannot use it until your probationary period has ended. Any hours remaining at the end of the year in excess of 120 hours will be moved into your sick leave account.

Vacation Policy
It is the policy of the city to provide paid vacation for its regular employees. Employees are not entitled to cash out accrued leave unless retiring or resigning with proper notice.
  • Regular full-time employees who give and work a two week notice are paid for all accrued, unused vacation hours
  • Regular full-time employees will continue to accrue vacation leave credits while on authorized paid vacation leave
  • Vacation leave will not be advanced before accrual unless approved by the city manager
  • Pay for vacation leave shall be at the employee’s regular rate of pay in effect for the employee’s regular job on the pay day immediately preceding the employee’s vacation period

Annual vacation leave is accrued and granted to regular full-time employees.

Accrual Rate for Employees
All regular full-time city employees (including police officers on all shifts) accrue vacation leave credits on the following basis. The accrual rate increases at the beginning of each year:
Year of Service
Hours Per Biweekly Pay Period
Hours / Year
Up to 5 years
6 - 10 years
11 - 15 years
16 - 20 years
21 years or more

Sick Leave
Employees earn 3.08 hours of sick leave bi-weekly, or 80 hours per year. Sick leave accrual is unlimited. Upon retirement or termination, unused sick leave is forfeited, and cannot be donated to another employee.

Funeral Leave
One to three days of paid bereavement leave is granted for death of immediate family member. This benefit is fully explained in the employee handbook.

Military Leave
Military leave is granted in accordance with state and federal law.

Jury Duty
Upon presentation of notice, the employee is excused from work, with pay, to serve on a jury. Leave is not granted for an appearance in court in a personal matter.

Family and medical leave is granted in accordance with federal law.

Leave Without Pay
Leave without pay upon approval of department head.

Coverage is effective the first of the month following month of employment.

Medical Insurance
The City of Norcross provides a HMO 90% plan of medical coverage to all full time employees. This plan also covers a dependent spouse, and children (some age restrictions apply). If the employee has insurance through another provider rather than taking the city insurance, a monthly supplement is added to their salary.

Dental Insurance
Dental insurance is provided for full time employees only. A portion of the employee's dental is covered by the city.

Life Insurance
Life insurance is provided at no cost to the employee for full time employees equaling one time their annual salary.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment
Accidental death and dismemberment is also provided by the city to full time employees.

Employee Assistance Program
The city offers assistant to employees with issues in their personal lives that may be affecting their work performance due to worry and anxiety. The city provides a cost-free Employee Assistance Program whereby you can call trained counselors to assist you in a variety of ways.

Education Tuition Reimbursement
The city encourages its employees to further their education with job-related education at institutions of higher learning. After completion of a course with a grade of 2.0 or higher, the city will reimburse tuition that was not received through grants. There are conditions and qualifying factors available through the Employee Handbook.

Additional Benefits
  • Employees are paid bi-weekly through direct deposit into their bank
  • A credit union is available to employees through Peach State Credit Union
  • Non-reimbursed Medical Expenses
    An employee may contribute tax-free income into an account from their bi-weekly paycheck. There are limits to the amount of contributions and specific directions that HR will furnish.   A yearly maximum contribution of $2,500 (payroll deduction) and enrollment/participation on a yearly basis is required to enroll you in the program.
  • Dependent Child Care Expenses
    Similar to above, the same offer is made to those enrolling in dependent child care. Again, you can expect a savings of about 25% on child care. The yearly limit is $5,000. Yearly enrollment is necessary
  • Optional Life Insurance on Employee, Spouse & Dependents
    The employee has the option of securing life insurance on themselves or any members of their family through the carrier that participates with the City of Norcross. This is through payroll deduction. HR can give complete details
  • Vision insurance is available on an optional basis. This premium is a payroll deduction for spouses and dependents. 
  • Health Insurance Deductible. The Health Insurance Deductible is Self-Funded through the City of Norcross and is reimbursed to employees upon presentation of an Explanation of Benefits form (EOB) showing the amount of the bill that went toward the individual deductible.