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How to Establish, Manage or Expand a Business- Entrepreneurial Advice, Programs and Resources
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We are so excited to have our economic website up and operating. A lot of thoughts, ideas, and material have been collected for many months, and will continually be updated on this page. We will share all we know with you. Economic education is a big tool for both you, and for our city.

Resource Quality Disclaimer
Everything within the site and particularly on this page is a free resource, provided by the Norcross Department of Economic Development. Other links may be used here and throughout the pages, but are not under the control of the City of Norcross. The City does not warrant or accept responsibility for the content or completeness of such sites.

About the Provided Resources
The purpose of these pages is to help you find a way to sort through the process of establishing, managing, and expanding a business, within our community. In addition to handling all the paperwork and procedures of government to start your business, it is our extreme commitment to help you stay in business with much continued future success.

This website is just one of many local efforts of assistance. On every page, we hope you will find a link, article, sentence, or contact you did not have before which may help you complete a project, capture a sale, embrace a new program, etc., but the overall goal is just to be successful!

Become So Successful that You Expand into Other "Sister" Cities
Here is something you may not often hear... "We don't mind that by being supplied with information here, that you then become so successful within our Norcross community- that you Establish, Manage, and then Expand a new branch of your business into our surrounding communities."