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Permits are necessary for a city to regulate construction and other various business activities. The city of Norcross has adopted many local codes, but there are federal and state codes to follow as well. It may seem like a lot to keep straight, but city staff wants your business to be successful, so we are here to help. Obtaining a permit is the very first step.

Please find a convenient Fee Schedule based on your required permit.

Contacts for Acquiring Permits
There are many different types of permits. Below is a listing of some of the most common permits:
  • Banner across the street: 678-421-2027
  • Barricade: 678-421-2000
  • Blasting (construction): 678-421-2027
  • Building: 678-421-2027
  • Building Permit Application
  • Residential parking: 678-421-2027
  • Sidewalks / ROW blocking: 678-421-2027
  • Site plan development permit: 678-421-2027
  • Trees, development, and removal: 678-421-2027
  • Tree Removal- Commercial
  • Vendor (on right-of-way): 678-421-2027

Additional Information
In order to obtain a commercial building permit, the applicant must show proof that sanitation service has been arranged with the city and appropriate deposits have been paid for the proposed construction.

Zoning is a way to define building types and their intended use. Zoning is based on approved city maps. A variance may be obtained in some cases if a property owner wants to build something not allowed in the current property zone.

Other Government Agencies
Other agencies may need to get involved with your project. Staff will let you know all the next steps when your plans are submitted.

Contact the Community Development Department if you have further questions.