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Business Biographies- LAN Systems, Farratech, Malibu Grand Prix, United Consulting & Cape Environmental Mgt.
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LAN Systems

Malibu Grand Prix

United Consulting

Cape Environmental Management, Inc.

Each biography gives insight into the professional lives of five genuine, respected leaders within our Norcross family of medium-sized companies. Five very different people and company genres, yet each has achieved the same significant success and admiration within their fields. These businesses / entrepreneurs haven’t just endured economic slides, but have flourished. The four featured industries are wide-ranging, but the basic denominator is their allegiance to the City of Norcross and their tenacity.
Each individual and company has found success, in non-successful times.

Choosing Featured Businesses
Our featured business leaders have been chosen for their natural talent and leadership skills and for positively promoting this city, their business, and employees - sometimes, all at once. This entrepreneurial attitude is what makes Norcross so successful.

Norcross has over 1,000 medium-sized companies, run by people with the same values and qualities as Maria, Mary, Trey, and Jay. Many Norcross business owners and partners have tackled the learning curve, accepted risks, fended off failure, and flourished with similar success stories.

Why Norcross is Ideal for Businesses
We consider Norcross a strategic location for industrial, office, retail, etc. It continues to appeal to all types of companies, due to its central location to the highways and almost every other amenity imaginable. In addition, we have a skilled and diverse workforce to complement our affordable commercial properties.

The city continues to boast a diversified business base, including:
  • Construction
  • Education
  • High-technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications

Norcross has also developed several incentives to assist with the attraction of new businesses. Downtown and uptown redevelopment are in full swing, and our citizens and businesses have the opportunity to contribute with development of new concepts to shape their own future.

The city has a collaborative conviction to partner with our businesses through our Economic Development Department. This team is dedicated to companies needing assistance with the perfect location, insight into developing new infrastructure, viable information, and much more.