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Services Provided FarraTech
FarraTech, a customer driven company, rebuilds toner cartridges for laser printers, keeping pounds of plastic, steel, aluminum, and rubber out of area landfills. With its centralized manufacturing facility in Norcross, in order to meet customers’ laser-printer toner, copier supply, and service needs, FarraTech can deliver faster and less costly products to its Metro Atlanta customers while successfully competing head-to-head with big-box retailers.

The company has also built a supply-chain-and-distribution network, which has positioned it to conduct business nationally. With a number of clients that operate on a national scale, FarraTech is now delivering its products and services to over 1,000 locations in 36 states.

FarraTech President and CEO, explains, “We earn our customers' business every day by being a supplier they can trust to treat them right no matter where they need product. If a customer has 10, 50, or several hundred locations, we streamline their processes by offering a single, standardized source for ordering, service, and support.”
The History of FarraTech
FarraTech started in business 23 years ago. Since 1998, its office-and-manufacturing facility has been located in Norcross. Most recently, the company expanded into a 12,000 square foot space on Peterson Place. Emphasizing recycling, and with the cooperation of its landlord, ProLogis, and its contractor, Choate Construction, the space was constructed with 70% recycled materials.

The greener and more sustainable concept was an important part of designing the new space. “Since we try to take care of the environment for a living, I thought it would be a crying shame not to recycle materials for our new building,” Mendillo said.

Recognizing FarraTech’s contributions in the Gwinnett business community, the company earned partnership Gwinnett’s inaugural Movers and Makers 2012 Small Manufacturer of the Year award, as well as the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce's 2010, 2011, 2012 Pinnacle Small Business Award.

A rarity in the business world, FarraTech is 100% employee owned. Hoping to leave a legacy to his company as he was retiring, the company’s founder, John Farra in 2007 gave the company in its entirety to the employees in an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). While the concept of an owner's cashing out to allow the employees to cash in is not common, studies show employee morale, motivation, and productivity improves significantly with their new-found ownership. Direct benefactors of this effect are the customers being served.

Besides being an ESOP, the employees of FarraTech are also proud of the fact that they are a majority-female-owned company, and as such, are certified as a women owned business. After becoming an ESOP company, the company continued to experience steady organic growth, even in the face of the past recessions. Then, in 2011, with the acquisition of two competitors and the hiring of their employees, it expanded by an additional 40%. Between acquisitions and hiring, a total of 15 new employees were added that year alone.

FarraTech in Norcross
Mendillo is a huge proponent of the company’s being located in Norcross. The amenities and small-town atmosphere of Historic Old Norcross in the midst of the big city can’t be improved upon. The easy access to the interstate system is especially important to its Atlanta business.

And most importantly, the City of Norcross is supportive of the business community. We have an allegiance to this city. We always do business with companies in Norcross first and then expand to county businesses.