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Malibu Grand Prix
Services Provided Malibu Gran Prix
Trey Young is the general manager of Malibu Grand Prix, located in the City of Norcross. Born and raised in Atlanta, Trey has two college degrees from Georgia State University and has been with the company since the mid-90's. Starting as a grounds-keeper, Trey worked his way up the ladder to achieve the level of general manager. Competitive by nature, he thrives in the dynamic entertainment industry, and consistently strives to grow his business.

Overcoming ObstaclesTrey Young
“There are always tough obstacles to overcome, and the road can be paved with doubt,” but Trey’s plan for running the Norcross facility is simple: provide a quality product with quality service and the rest will take care of itself. Trey’s biggest challenge has been handling different styles of management over the years and weathering through a tough economy. Working at the facility as long as he has, has allowed him to see many of the ups and downs of his own business, as well as that of the industry.

This, combined with a troublesome economy over the last five to six years, has been a definite challenge, but the company managed to push through the worst of the economic recession without closing doors or do layoffs. This was important not just to Trey, but to Palace Entertainment. It was essential that during a time of uncertainty, some things would remain the same, so the continued operation of Malibu Grand Prix was priority number one.

Achieving Success
Trey attributes a good part of his success to the development of positive relationships and good communication with his team members. He knows he has a solid team backing him and often questions where he would be without this support. The closeness of the staff and the longevity of the employees have allowed the Norcross location to adhere to the original concept of the business while adapting to new times.

Norcross' Role
Trey believes the City of Norcross is special, mainly because of its history and spirit. From local shops to the historical rail system, the city shows pride and constant evolution.

“Malibu and the City of Norcross have a great relationship, and this has grown increasingly stronger over time. The City of Norcross has always made it a point to support Malibu and its guests. In return, we do what we can to support local businesses. We try to use as many local companies as possible. This includes everything from security to construction. Our most recent venture will utilize local architects, construction crews, and electrical companies to build Norcross’ largest water-play area."

"Over the years, city personnel like Rusty Warner (Economic Development) and Norcross Police Captain, Clay Thompson, have been a pleasure to work with and have been very supportive.”

Trey’s first act as general manager was to initiate a park-wide renovation project, bringing the Norcross facility to the top of its game. This included adding a banquet-and-meeting facility and revamping an existing go-kart track. Over the 2013 calendar year, you can expect to see a number of changes at the park, starting with the addition of a Jamba Juice Smoothie franchise. This will be the first in the state.

Next, Norcross Malibu will add Buccaneer Cove, the city’s first major water-play area. This renovation will exceed $1.5M.

Trey is determined to prove you can be successful and have fun at the same time. He sees the future of Malibu Grand Prix and Palace Entertainment as a bright one, knowing as long as he and his team “believe in each other, anything is possible.”