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Temporary & Projecting Signs
Temporary Signage
Temporary signage is allowed once every 90 days and limited to four times per year. Temporary signage can be no larger than 32 square feet, is limited to 15 consecutive days, and includes the following types of advertising devices:
  • Balloons and streamers (excluding inflatable and gas filled devices)
  • Banners (limited to 32 square feet)
  • Flags

You must submit a Temporary Sign Application to display any temporary advertisement.

Projecting Signs
Projecting signs are limited in size by in two ways:
  • They are limited in size based on the building or suite’s maximum allowable square footage
  • They are limited to no more than 9 square feet

They must also be higher than 8 feet, 6 inches from the sign bottom to the sidewalk or ground.