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Lillian Webb Park
Named after the city’s mayor emeritus, Lillian Webb, the new five acre park is a dramatic engineering feat as well as a spectacular venue. Blasting through subterranean granite pockets, the groundwork was laid for a series oLWP Fountainf integrated fountains that flow downhill into a splash pool, located in the park green below the Gateway Plaza. View the original presentation for additional information.

Over 72,000 brick layers, 1667 cubic yards of concrete, 130 tons of steel, and 650 tons of stone veneer were used to create this seemingly effortless flow of water over stone, and to create adjacent platforms offering places to relax and enjoy the view of the park. Drafted by nationally-acclaimed designer Stephen Fuller, the project is the result of an ongoing effort to preserve this community’s historical appeal.

Design Concept
The park effectively introduces the concept of an urban center that is pedestrian-friendly, and combines residential lifestyles with boutique-style retail, offices, restaurants, and parks and green space. Paid for with city SPLOST funds, park construction is being overseen by the City of Norcross’ Downtown Development Authority (DDA).

Plan I_thumb.png

Commercial Development
Three spaces in the park have been reserved for a restaurant and two commercial buildings. One of the DDA’s goals is to interest one or more developers in filling these spaces and others surrounding the park with a mixed-use commercial and residential complex. Plans for the complex will include substantial additional parking.

Materials & Resources
Materials used:
  • 72,000 brick layers
  • 3 acres of sod
  • 1667 cubic yards of concrete in the wall
  • 130 tons of steel in the wall
  • 650 tons of stone veneer
  • 500 cubic yards of decorative concrete
  • 700 feet of rail

The park is a total of 4.12 acres.

Living Centers Initiative Grant
In 2001, the city of Norcross received a Living Centers Initiative Grant to look at the Norcross Town Center. This study looked at the Downtown and the surrounding area. From that study evolved the idea of redeveloping the existing park into a more dynamic community center.

The DDA's Focus
Much of the DDA’s focus over the last few years has been the construction of Lillian Webb Park. The project is now complete, except for redesign of the interactive fountain, including correction of some remaining drainage issues.

Our next project? Building around the park. A Redevelopment Plan has been written, covering and explaining citizen desires, park capabilities and possible future amenities.

The five acre park includes:
  • A large expanse of lawn surrounded by sidewalks, a gazebo, and public bathroom building
  • A stone plaza centered on a three-level fountain
  • A waterfall cascading through pools
  • An interactive fountain with concentric vertical water columns

Specific pads have been reserved for a restaurant and two commercial buildings.