Boards, Commissions & Authorities (BCA)

Citizens bring diverse perspectives, valuable insight and provide skilled resources to city government. The City of Norcross provides numerous opportunities for citizens to serve the community through various Boards, Commissions, Authorities and BCAs. Participating on a BCA or Advisory Committee is one of the most effective ways that a citizen can shape, influence and have an active voice in their government.


A Board is a group of people who have managerial, supervisory, investigatory, or advisory powers. A Board is established pursuant to the City Charter or Ordinance. Boards are an integral part of Municipal government and participation on a Board is one way for local governments to engage citizens in the democratic process. Boards can provide assistance to the legislative body when formulating public policy, addressing issues of interest, conducting background work on technical or sensitive issues, and giving the community a forum for discussion in greater depth.


A Commission is a group of people directed to perform some duty or a government agency that has administrative, legislative or judicial powers. Commissions are generally established by City Charter, Ordinance or Resolution and recommend action to the City Council if needed.


An Authority is generally created by a Legislative Act of the General Assembly. These Acts provide the framework for the Authority. The Act creates the Authority, defines its purpose, describes where the Authority will reside, defines the number of members, how the members are appointed and by whom, term limits and the powers of the Authority. Any changes to the Authority would have to go back before the General Assembly for the Act to be amended.

Advisory Committees

An Advisory Committee is a body of people appointed by the Mayor & Council with a specified task or function. An Advisory Committee may conduct research about a particular subject or activity and then provide recommendations or give advice on that particular subject or activity. An Advisory Committee's recommendation will ordinarily be forwarded to the City Council for review and/or action.

Norcross Boards, Commissions & Authorities (BCAs)

To learn more about a particular Norcross BCA, please select the appropriate link below for information such as responsibilities, members, agendas and minutes, and contact information.

Architectural Review Board (ARB)

Discovery Garden Park Board (DGP)

Downtown Development Authority of Norcross (DDA)

Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)



Norcross Development Authority (NDA)

Norcross Housing Authority (NHA)

Norcross Public Arts Commission (NPAC)

Parks, Green Spaces & Trails Commission (PGT)

Planning & Zoning Board (P&Z)

Sustainable Norcross Commission (SNC)

Tree Preservation Board (TPB)

Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)

Current Vacancies

  • Architectural Review Board
  • Historic Preservation Commission

To apply or reapply for a Norcross BCA, please select the appropriate link below.

Boards, Commission, & Authorities Appointment Application

Boards, Commission, & Authorities Reappointment Application

Please return complete applications prior to the closing date for acceptance of applications to:

Deputy City Clerk
City of Norcross
65 Lawrenceville St.
Norcross, GA 30071