The Accounting Division develops administrative and accounting policies and procedures for city-wide use. In addition, it ensures the integrity of the city's accounting and payroll systems and provides financial, management, and accounting services support to the City Manager’s office. The division is responsible for the following areas: accounts payable, cash and investments, budgeting, internal control, payroll, accounts receivable, and utility billing.

Accounts Payable

The accounts payable area is responsible for paying invoices for the purchase of goods and services used in the operations of the City of Norcross. They also maintain the accounts payable records, capital assets, and systems to provide reports to assist management decisions.

Cash & Investment

The cash and investment area is responsible for administering the city's banking relationships, managing the city's liquidity, and investing surplus cash under the guidelines of the city's Investment Policy.


The Accounting Division handles all daily receipts and bank deposits. Other duties that fall within the division are the collection of multiple general fund revenues and special fund revenues. These include hotel / motel occupancy tax, community development permits, excise taxes, property taxes, business licenses, alcohol beverage permits, taxi permits, and miscellaneous payments.