About the City

The City of Norcross became the second city in Gwinnett County when it was established by John J. Thrasher in 1870. The Norcross City Government works to uphold the city’s values and promises to its citizens via the city manager, the council and various government departments. The City Manager oversees the daily operations of the city government and sees to it that local ordinances, laws and policies are upheld. The City Council is composed of a mayor and five-members who are elected at large and serve for two-year, staggered terms.

The Norcross City Government consists of 12 departments which work collectively to maintain the city, including its own power utilities. As a member of MEAG (Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia), Norcross provides public power along with 49 other Georgia municipalities. This, along with initiatives, events and resident incentives intended to help drive the city’s commitment to sustainability, has given Norcross the designation of a Platinum Certified Green Community by the Atlanta Regional Commission. 

The Norcross City Government strives to provide its residents with a high-quality lifestyle by promoting diversity and inclusion, providing the city with efficient power and utilities, driving economic growth and maintaining sustainable, vibrant public spaces within the community.