Harold Howell (“H. H.”) Cofer married Mardell Merritt in 1913, and within a few years they had four sons, Marshall, Leon, and the twins Royce and Troyce. The family was living near the intersection of South Peachtree Street and the then-new Atlanta - Buford Highway when their last child, daughter Helen was born.

Mr. Cofer is best known among long-time Norcross residents for running a service station at 141 South Peachtree Street for 30 years, starting in 1932, for serving as a deputy sheriff, and for being the county checkers champion in the 1930s. In the summer of 1942 the family bought the house at 213 South Peachtree Street, just a block from the service station, and the Cofers lived there for over 40 years. 

Marshall, Troyce and Royce Cofer served in World War II. Troyce and Royce were both skilled baseball players, playing at Norcross High School, on the Norcross town team, and also in the minor leagues. Troyce worked for the Atlanta Coca-Cola Bottling Company; Helen Cofer graduated from Auburn University and had an extensive career as an educator.