Public Works, Utilities & Parks

  • In the event of a power outage, please call 678-421-2069.
  • In the event of missed sanitation pickups or to schedule bulk pickup, call waste management at 678-495-0058.

Department Statement

At the Norcross Department of Public Works, Utilities & Parks, we are committed to operating a safe, reliable, open, and innovative department with uncompromising integrity.

Department of Public Works Mission, Vision and Values.


The infrastructure of the City of Norcross is maintained by the Director and staff of the Public Works, Utilities & Parks Department. The responsibilities of the department include the maintenance of utilities, such as power, along with roads, stormwater, sanitation, parks, and recreation.

The City of Norcross is a proud member of MEAG (Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia) which is a public power authority made up of 49 Georgia municipalities who produce and distribute their own power. MEAG was formed to help keep rates competitive for all of its members. Norcross services 4500 customers and maintains 84 miles of electric lines. While most of the city's territory is within the borders of Norcross, the city is allowed to bid on projects that have a load of 900 kW or more.

The Street Division maintains approximately 81 lane miles. The department repairs and maintains sidewalks, medians, shoulders and ditches within the right-of-way of the city's streets. Roads and sidewalks are paid for by the general fund of the city, through SPLOST, or through grants submitted by city staff.

The stormwater utility falls under the purview of the Public Works, Utilities & Parks. A stormwater fee is charged to control and improve the discharge of water from property to meet EPD standards. The fees are used to improve and maintain drainage, to reduce flooding, property damage and to comply with new state and federal regulations. The City of Norcross worked hard to create a fair and equitable stormwater fee schedule. Property owners in the city pay only $2.17 per 100 square feet of impervious area.

Come relax in our city's beautiful parks, among winding sidewalks, gorgeous landscapes and spectacular trees. 

In 1988, Norcross converted from a city operated solid waste collection system to a privately operated system. The city offers refuse collection through a contractual agreement with Waste Management for both residential and business collection. Residential collection is done once weekly at the curb. Back door or side yard pickup is provided to residential customers who are disabled. Medical certification is required for this service. Commercial dumpster customers may be serviced from one to six times per week based on the volume of waste generated.

Public Works Dump Truck