• In the event of a power outage, please call our 24-hour line at 678-421-2069

When a power outage is reported in Norcross city limits, status updates are first sent through our CivicReady alert system and then posted here. This page may be somewhat delayed; for the most immediate method for receiving updates, be sure to sign up for CivicReady alerts at the link below. If there are no updates listed, an outage may have not yet been reported. If you are experiencing an outage, please call 678-421-2069.

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Norcross is a member of Municipal Electric Associate of Georgia Power 
(MEAG), from whom the city purchases power for resale to customers.  
Approximately 5,000 customers are served by Norcross' electric  distribution
 utility. The city maintains 84 miles of electricity lines.

Power 101

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History of the Power Service

The city's electrical service was established by territorial agreements in 1973. Norcross' territory is mostly within the existing city limits. The city may bid on providing electric service to large users outside this designated service area if the customer is projected to have a load of 900 kW or more.

The major potential for significant growth in the customer base of the electric system is to develop a strengthened commercial and increased residential base.

Smart Grid

The City of Norcross has partnered with the Tantalus metering system. The system consists of AMI (Automated Metering Infrastructure) meters installed throughout the system. These meters can be read more accurately using wireless technology. This keeps the meters read in a timely manner as well as advises when a meter is experiencing any issues. The Tantalus system will allow for an outage notification system that will populate a meter status map advising us of both large and small-scale outages. This will make repairs more expedient and thorough. Also, using this meter technology allows for future time-of-use rates and demand response for our commercial and industrial customers. Norcross Power and Tantalus use the dependable Itron metering platform for their Smart Grid System.

picture of the tantalus itron meter being used by Norcross Power

Incentive Programs for Electrical Service Customers:

The City of Norcross is committed to providing reliable service, competitive rates, and service policies designed to assist customers in their purchase and use of electric service. To this end, the City of Norcross has adopted a policy to provide refunds to builders and property owners of residential dwellings that install electric water heaters and heat pumps. In order to qualify for a refund, permission to install load management switches on air conditioning units and electric water heaters is required. Interested homeowners should contact "Norcross Power" at 770-448-2122.