Stormwater Management

Stormwater runoff is an issue few people spend much time worrying about, unless they are driving home through flooded streets, seeing flooded yards, or even worse, a flooded house. All properties contribute to the drainage problem, even the properties that don't seem to have a flooding problem.

Please Note: The city does not accept toxic materials or oil.  Please click here for proper disposal.  

The Problem With Stormwater

Stormwater is water that comes off our house roofs, driveways, sidewalks, and roads when it rains. This stormwater then washes pollutants into our surface water. Taking appropriate steps to control stormwater runoff is an important issue for the City of Norcross. The city has been working to deal with stormwater management issues and has identified the following steps for the stormwater management program:
  1. Achieve compliance with new state and federal regulations
  2. Improve drainage system operations and maintenance
  3. Implement capital drainage improvement projects
  4. Increase funding options (grants, bonds, and user fees)

Stormwater Fee/Utility Credit
What is a Stormwater Fee/Utility Credit? A stormwater user fee has been established for each city customer and will include all:
  • Businesses
  • Government facilities
  • Institutions
  • Residences

You will receive an invoice for the fee annually in September of each year.

This fee allows the city to repair ditches, replace small pipes and culverts with larger ones, and add pipes where needed. In addition, the city will also be cleaning pipes and ditches on a regular basis.

Public Notice of Pollutant Discharge Elimination Permit

Stormwater Pipe Relining Projects

The Stormwater Division is currently focusing on the repair and or replacement of stormwater pipes throughout the city. This yearly project intends to address storm pipes that are in need of repair and extends the life of the storm pipes and culverts while eliminating pipe failure. If failure were to occur, it could have devastating effects such as pollution, erosion, flooding and many other environmental and health issues. The Stormwater Division is committed to the yearly assessment and replacement of the communities piping structure.

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