Polling Location


All municipal elections are held in the second floor community room at city hall. Any election other than for municipal candidates or referendums will require that you vote at your regular polling place which is listed on your voter registration card. If you don't have your card, you may contact Gwinnett County Registrar's office or check out the Secretary of State's Poll Locator.

Residency Information

As a resident of the City of Norcross, you are entitled to vote in all city elections for the positions of mayor or councilmember as well as any special referendums which affect taxpayers. Please note that just because you have a City of Norcross mailing address does not necessarily mean that you officially reside within the corporate city limits. If in doubt, contact City Hall at 678-421-2027 for verification.

To see a listing of the County Advanced Voting Polling Locations, click here.