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Norcross Downtown Parking Study

The Downtown Parking Study was performed as an update to a 2011 study which was originally funded jointly by the City and the Atlanta Regional Commission utilizing Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) funds. This updated study addresses parking issues as well as traffic circulation and pedestrian safety throughout the Downtown Study Area. The purpose of the study was to provide analysis, guidelines, and recommendations that will guide future public and private parking decisions in Downtown Norcross.

Norcross Comprehensive Plan 

and Unified Development Ordinance

The Comprehensive Plan is a policy guide for making rezoning and capital investment decisions and sets policies for City officials and staff concerning the future development of Norcross. The Comprehensive Plan is updated at a minimum of every five years. The Mayor and Council of Norcross adopted the city’s newest Comprehensive Plan which can be viewed by visiting “Imagine Our Future” 2040 Comprehensive PlanTechnical AddendumFuture Development Map and Comprehensive Plan Amendment. Throughout 2018 and early 2019, the Community Development and Planning Department worked diligently with the consulting team from Jacobs, performed numerous interviews with stakeholders, two pop up events, two community open houses, a month long online survey and worked for four months with an appointed 18-member Steering Committee to develop these plans. This plan lays out the future vision and goals for the community, and also establishes priority needs and opportunities. A five-year work program of distinct activities, initiatives, programs and administrative systems are also outlined to implement the plan.

The city also adopted a new Unified Development Ordinance (UDO), which combines zoning and land development regulations into one document. All of the tools related to development codes were compiled into one easy to read and understand document with the ability to direct and encourage development in a manner consistent with the city’s vision and goals as established in policy documents such as the adopted Comprehensive Plan.

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Beaver Ruin Creek Greenway Concept Plan 
"The Beaver Ruin Greenway Concept Plan is a study to improve pedestrian connectivity and storm water quality, using existing sidewalks, buffers and utility easements. Design for Phase 1 segments, widening existing sidewalks, will begin in 2018.”

Gwinnett Countywide Trails Master Plan

The Gwinnett Countywide Trails Master Plan is an illustration of Gwinnett County's vision for a 320 mile network of trails that spans the county. Much cross-county collaboration has occurred to help plan these community improvements creating a network of pedestrian and cycling trails. To follow this project or for more information click HERE.