Technology & Innovation

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  1. Biomedical
  2. Electronics & Machinery
  3. Software & Information Technology

Norcross offers businesses that address human healthcare needs a range of assets and resources to draw upon. From medical devices and software to healthcare service-related companies, we are located near a rich life science eco-system with a combination of research hospitals, medical innovation centers and existing biomedical and life science firms. Furthermore, our region has a workforce rich in talent with students and graduates from nationally ranked universities and colleges.

Our Competitive Advantage:

Lucrative Talent:  Biomedical firms will be able to recruit top talent from high-ranking colleges and universities throughout Gwinnett County and the metro Atlanta region such as Emory University, Morehouse School of Medicine and Georgia Institute of Technology.

Close Proximity to Research Resources: Metro Atlanta is rooted in research institutions and universities, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Atlanta Center for Medical Research and the Global Center for Medical Innovation. Biomedical firms located in Norcross are within 20 minutes of these and other major resources.

Diverse Population: Norcross is one of the most diverse populations in Gwinnett County. Furthermore, biomedical firms will have access to the metro region's 4.4 million residents who range in age, income, ethnicity and education for clinic trials and product testing.

Global Partners: We have relationships with Consuls and other global networks that can open doors to tap into global markets and other foreign opportunities to grow your biomedical firm.