Human Resources

The City of Norcross Human Resources Department strives towards excellence in all of our practices. We are dedicated to our employees, retirees and the citizens we serve. Human Resources works with department heads to recruit and hire (talented, engaged, forward thinking employees) as well as retain top performers. We provide all the resources needed to our employees during their employee life cycle. It’s our job to ensure employees have the tools needed to meet the strategic goals of the city and the citizens we serve.


In addition to the above, Human Resources is responsible for keeping the City of Norcross in compliance with all state and federal laws as it relates to employment. We pride ourselves in keeping up with new legislation through continuous education and revising our internal policies.


The City of Norcross complies with all laws concerning Immigration Reporting by participating in the E-Verify Program.  Our ID number is 102107, established 2/21/2008.