How will I know where the cameras are?

New signage has been placed in all school zones that are clearly visible warning drivers that the roads are enforced by cameras. Additionally, the Police Department provided a 30-day warning period during which time drivers had time to get used to the new signs and speeders received Warning Notices in the mail.  13,000 warnings were mailed during the 30-day warning periods.

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1. Why are Speed Zone Cameras being installed?
2. How will I know where the cameras are?
3. I received a Warning Notice. What do I do?
4. What are the hours of enforcement at each school, and what speeds are being enforced at what times?
5. What are the criteria for receiving a speeding ticket?
6. How much is the fine?
7. Can I view my violation?
8. What hours do the cameras operate?
9. I received a School Zone Speed Ticket. How do I pay it?
10. Can I contest a school zone speeding violation?
11. If I get a ticket will my insurance go up?
12. How do the Cameras work? Are they accurate?
13. What happens to ticket revenue?
14. Where can I read the law on automated enforcement?