Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Division is under the supervision of Captain Beverly Parnell. Detectives are responsible for further investigation and prosecution of felonies to include thefts, frauds, burglaries, check cases, aggravated assaults, robberies and other such felonies and some misdemeanors that require further investigation than a Patrol Officer can conduct. The investigations are geared toward obtaining sufficient evidence to prosecute the perpetrator of a crime committed in the City of Norcross.

A summary of the typical duties of a detective are:

• Determine scope and direction of investigations
• Obtain and verify evidence
• Observe suspects
• Interview witnesses
• Examine records to piece together information
• Prepare detailed reports
• Collaborate with other agencies to exchange information and coordinate activities
• Provide court testimony
• Analyze evidence in laboratories or in the field
• Perform undercover assignments
• Perform surveillance using authorized techniques

If you have previously filed a police report with a Uniform Patrol Officer and would like to know the status of your case or provide us further information please contact us at 770-448-2111.