Incentive Programs for Electric Service Customers - The City of Norcross is committed to providing reliable service, competitive rates, and service policies designed to assist customers in their purchase and use of electric service. To this end, the City of Norcross has adopted a policy to provide refunds to builders and property owners of residential dwellings that install electric water heaters and heat pumps. In order to qualify for a refund, permission to install load management switches on air conditioning units and electric water heaters is required. Interested homeowners should contact Norcross Power at 770-448-2122.

Toilet Rebate Program
If you are a Gwinnett County water customer, then you might be eligible for a toilet rebate through the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District (MNGWPD). The Toilet Rebate Program
serves to replace older, inefficient toilets with WaterSense labeled high-efficiency toilets in single and multi-family homes. Rebates are reflected as credits on your water bill, and are assigned as follows: 1.1 or less gpf toilet receives a $100 rebate, 1.28 gpf receives a $50 rebate. If you are interested in applying for a rebate, visit the MNGWPD website to verify your eligibility and submit an application.

Toilet Rebate Program Flyer